Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Call Senator Inouye!! Ask him to STOP the $50B Nuke and Coal Bail Out!!!

A letter from NIRS

Dear Friends in Hawaii:

The Senate has passed its economic stimulus bill. Unfortunately, it still includes $50 Billion in loan guarantees intended for new nuclear reactors and "clean coal" plants.

Fortunately, the House version does not include this provision. The Senate-House conference committee will now decide whether that provision stays in the final bill.

Rep. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii is one of the five Senate members on the conference committee. Thus his position on this issue will be crucial.

Please call Sen. Inouye today: 202-224-3934 (Honolulu office, 808-541-2542) and tell him that the Senate should not have been added to the stimulus bill. Ask that he ensure that the House position on nuclear and coal loan guarantees prevails, and that the Senate provision be removed from the final bill.

Also, follow up your call with an e-mail to Inouye, which you can do by going to

Thanks for your help!

Michael Mariotte

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

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